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You probably have already realized
« on: June 12, 2012, 10:53:52 AM »
that you're looking at your first electric ukulele amplifier. Yes. That adorable little guitar practice amp in the corner of the room you're occupying. (Some electric uke players are graduates of the electric guitar... BUSTED!) I'll wager that the amp sounds pretty nice if you have learned to compensate for the fact that it was not designed for your electricuke. One challenge with this small guitar amp will be the EQ (tone) controls. And this is usually a real problem.

You will wind up changing the whole range of the amp's tone control settings from how they were set for a guitar. And while you are doing this, you'll carefully listen to how each control affects the details of your electricuke's sound within the range of each of them. After you've done that, repeat this process several times until you have zeroed in on the overall sound that you want to hear for both individual notes and chords. This will probably result with seemingly bizarre tone control settings on you guitar amp. Let your ears and not the names of the tone controls guide this process.

Of course some amps have tone controls which happen to address the range of your electric ukulele more advantagoiusly than do those of others. But surprisingly good sound may be possible. The more determined among us may well tune in to something that almost sounds great. The time spent doing this can be exhilarating because we love stuff so much!

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