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Oops! Not the intonation!
« on: June 13, 2012, 12:49:09 PM »
Hi Strummers and Late Niters ! I'm having a stupendous nite and it occurrs to me. Write this warning for those reading this and who are about to buy a pretty blue or red nylon-stringed electric ukulele. I know how jazzed you are at this magic moment. I really know.

But remember that, unlike with magnetic pickup-steel strung electric ukes, your bridge on the nylon strung uke will be fixed to a permanent place on the top so that it's string length cannot be adjusted. Thus, the intonation can't be adjusted. And the string height can only be lowered with a file. It can only be raised by replacing the bridge! And the same is true for the nut. So if the intonation is off or you don't like the string height, pass up the instrument.

If your obsession with electric ukulele construction is incomplete, "fixer uppers" won't add up for you. Carefully check the intonation and playing action before you pay money.

Play on, Cstring
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