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who start forums, blogs, etc. feel before or even if ever readers actually jump in and start posting as well? For myself, It is a mixed bag, emotionally. On one hand, as the only pen so far behind The Electricuke Forum and as the author of all postings to date, I feel both a little anxious about that but also I'm often elated. The reason is that I'm irrationally buoyant and really quite easy to please.

More specifically, like many of you who also start up things, I dote over my Google Analytics Statistics. I love to see that a small but recurrent and slowly increasing number of you are here. You are also people living all over our world and that fact alone is meaningful and beautiful to me. There's no money, Honey, but so what? I love to spout jibberish and quips about electric ukuleles into Cyberspace and I'm sticking to it.

Over the past several weeks, my Google Stats show me that you have looked in to and The Electricuke Forums from many places around the world which I may never have a chance to go to. The Google Stats don't tell me exactly who you are and it would certainly be very creepy if they did. The reports do; however, tell me where visitors are by region or city and it's from these stat reports that I know intrest in the electric ukulele is global. I know for myself that my facination with all of you is global too.

Here is a small sample from my Google Statistics over the few weeks since we've started and The Electricuke Forum showing how truely worldwide we electric ukulele fans are:

*Johor Bahru, Malaysia
*Guadalajara, Mexico
*Honalulu, Hawaii
*San Luis Region, Argentina
*Hobart, Austrailia
*Moreno Valley, California
*Soest, Netherlands

I would most of all like you to know that every person alive is intrinsically valuable and deserves to play an electric ukulele. All people matter to me and that's really what I want to say. I think many people feel likewise and that is among the reasons that millions of forums and blogs persist.

Many thanks to all of you for checking out my spot, which is also your's. We play all night and all day long. With that, I'll keep on talking electric ukulele here because it feels pretty good to know that you're hearing my ramblings.

Are we tuned up?, Cstring
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