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Loving our electricity
« on: August 16, 2013, 11:38:30 AM »
So very hello to all of you electric ukuleleists!! Is that real word, "electric ukuleleist"? I think so. I thought I'd drop on in to show the flag so to speak. 'Betcha didn't expect to hear from old C-string after all this while. Boo! Don't worry. and the Electricuke Forums will stay right here for you.
I'll emerge from the shadows from time to time 'cause I know you're out there plucking on your passion. Ladies and Gentlemen... You, the electric ukuleleists of now and the future hold the world in your hands. Steel and wood for human joy and happiness is ours. We play all of the time because it just feels so good. Play on brothers and sisters!

Aloha with 110voltsAC !!,
Administrator of The Electricuke Forums
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